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About Kweli Counseling

Welcome to Kweli Counseling, a distinguished haven committed to providing professional and empathetic support. Founded by Daryaan McLeod, a dedicated licensed professional counselor, our mission is to provide compassionate counseling that nurtures the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the black community.

At Kweli Counseling, we understand the importance of culturally competent and relatable counseling. Daryaan is passionately bridging the gap in mental health services to create a space where everyone feels seen and understood. We celebrate the intersectionality of identities, recognizing the profound impact of race, culture, and societal factors on individual realities.

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique counseling approach, designed to empower self-discovery, resilience, and healing. To ensure our services meet your needs, we offer a complimentary consultation, making counseling accessible through online sessions. Let's walk the path of growth and resilience together, creating a brighter future. Join us in the journey to healing, where warmth and professionalism coexist seamlessly.

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-Malcolm X